It's the end of term!!!


One more week in Birmingham (which will actually be quite hectic, with two one-day conferences and two days of graduate teaching), back to Scotland for Christmas, and then on to Poland for new year.
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The return of the Sam...

Well, it seems like my last entry was just before I left Trieste... and now I've been in Birmingham for just over a year.

I'm not completely sure why I stopped posting at all - but it's certainly about time to start again.

But first, probably some lunch as I have to give a presentation to the graduate students here in 45 minutes. Reviewing all the most common techniques to solve problems in physics is something best not done on an empty stomach.
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Last days...

Well, I have one week left in Trieste.

Then I'm going to Prague for 4 days, then to Birmingham to start my new position there.

The last days in a place after three years are always strange. A lot of things to sort out (for example packing, and figuring out just how I get my piano from Italy to England...), a lot of things I wanted to do while I'm here but didn't manage yet, a lot of hanging out with close friends who I won't see so much after I move, and all the while thinking about what the new place is going to be like, whether I will enjoy it there, how it will compare to here.

Today gotta finish some work. My head is swarming just now with Fermionic Operator Product Expansions and Lograthmic corrections to Field Theory. After that, definitely packing!

From some spam I just recieved...

Good Day!

Do you wish to increase your volume by up to 500%? Now you have chance to
do it

So are they offering something to make you very large? Or just louder?

Maybe if I were an operatic tenor, both of these would be good! I want some of these wonder pills now...

It's about time I wrote something...

I don't have much time just now, but I thought I should say hello to the lj world, as I have been somewhat subpresent in the last wee while.

So a few news updates:

1. I accepted the position in Birmingham. I'll be starting my new job there on 1st October this year. The job is for 2 or 3 years. I'm dissapointed not to be going to Dresden, but the post-doc position in Birmingham was really good, so I would have been stupid not to accept it.

2. Planning to have a go at Mont Blanc at the beginning of September... wish me luck!

3. Finally found in Trieste somebody to play music with. I met through mutual (Polish) friends a lovely Austrian flautist who was studying in Trieste for one year. She plays very well, making it obvious through her music that she enjoys playing. We've been learning the Prokofiev flute sonata together... awesome piece!!!

4. Work is going pretty well - some good new projects, some old ones finally nearing completion. I have a lot I would like to finish before I leave Trieste... which partially explains my absence from lj for so long :)

5. My house has been invaded by Polish visitors (like usual)... should go back now and see what they are up to!!

Hope all is well with everybody here. Happy summer all.

Some photos

I know I haven't written anything for ages, life seems to be extraordinarily busy just now.

But as a brief interlude, here are some photos from the Dolomites last weekend.


The first set of photos is from Marmolada, the highest mountain in the Dolomites. Due to a rather large avalanche risk and snow covering all the crevasses on the Glacier, we didn't aim for the top, but more to just play around a bit and have fun practicing various mountain techniques.

The second load of photos is from a via ferrata around Arco, just north of Lago di Garda. Rated 3C by the guide book, most of it wasn't technically difficult, although it was about 1000m straight up the cliff face with very little chance of retreat. We also managed to accidentally find an alternative beginning to it, which was rather more difficult. Somewhat disconcerting as we knew we were not on route, and really did not want 5 hours of the level of climbing we had at the beginning - but fortunately this 'false' start led us onto the correct route after an hour or so detour and we climbed the thing we intended to.

Just now, somewhat stressed out about what I'll be doing next year - but hopefully I'll have this all sorted out in the next few weeks.

Other than that, work, work, work...

Oh, and I found a new Polish housemate :)

Travelling again...

Off to Dresden this afternoon, then to Poznan for the weekend, then back to Dresden, then finally back to Trieste after easter.

So... Happy Easter Everybody. And speak to you all later.

Remember me?

Well, it seems like I haven't written for ages. Which is probably because I haven't. Life got pretty hectic - and still is, but in my quasi-awake jet-lagged state, I thought I'd make at least some attempt at a hello to everybody!

The last two weeks I was in the US - First on Long Island, then Piscataway (at Rutgers University), then NYC, then DC, then Baltimore (for a huge American Physical Society conference), then finally back to Long Island. So first of all, I'm really sorry to any friends on Long Island I didn't manage to see while I was there, but my travel schedule was rather full as it was. Next time maybe. So now, I'm back in Trieste but only for 10 days or so, then I'm off to Dresden for another conference, Poznan to visit some friends, then back to Dresden for some more work. Then finally, back to Trieste after Easter, hopefully for enough time to finish some more papers.

Aside from all the travelling, I got very caught up in teaching, which I enjoy immensely but is rather time consuming. And it isn't going to let up any time soon - I've now agreed to give classes for a course on Superconductivity, which I never taught before, so requires even more work.

On the other side, my housemates have gone back to Poland now, so life at home will be rather less hectic, if also less exciting. It's nice having extra space and time to myself, but the house feels kind of empty without them. Maybe I'll get another housemate (just one though - two meant there was very little space left, and three at the end was ridiculous!), but for the moment with the amount of work I have to do, I'm not in a rush.

Before I forget, I don't think I ever posted my photos from Ice Climbing a month or so ago. I have many more photos from all over the place, but I'm not sure when I'll get them all on-line. Although now, I finally got my modem (which I was trying to get from Telecom Italia since November) so I have internet access at home, so maybe I'll be playing online a little more often. Maybe.

Gotta lot of stuff to do now, so more later. And many greetings to everybody I haven't spoken to in ages!