Sam (sampiano) wrote,

Remember me?

Well, it seems like I haven't written for ages. Which is probably because I haven't. Life got pretty hectic - and still is, but in my quasi-awake jet-lagged state, I thought I'd make at least some attempt at a hello to everybody!

The last two weeks I was in the US - First on Long Island, then Piscataway (at Rutgers University), then NYC, then DC, then Baltimore (for a huge American Physical Society conference), then finally back to Long Island. So first of all, I'm really sorry to any friends on Long Island I didn't manage to see while I was there, but my travel schedule was rather full as it was. Next time maybe. So now, I'm back in Trieste but only for 10 days or so, then I'm off to Dresden for another conference, Poznan to visit some friends, then back to Dresden for some more work. Then finally, back to Trieste after Easter, hopefully for enough time to finish some more papers.

Aside from all the travelling, I got very caught up in teaching, which I enjoy immensely but is rather time consuming. And it isn't going to let up any time soon - I've now agreed to give classes for a course on Superconductivity, which I never taught before, so requires even more work.

On the other side, my housemates have gone back to Poland now, so life at home will be rather less hectic, if also less exciting. It's nice having extra space and time to myself, but the house feels kind of empty without them. Maybe I'll get another housemate (just one though - two meant there was very little space left, and three at the end was ridiculous!), but for the moment with the amount of work I have to do, I'm not in a rush.

Before I forget, I don't think I ever posted my photos from Ice Climbing a month or so ago. I have many more photos from all over the place, but I'm not sure when I'll get them all on-line. Although now, I finally got my modem (which I was trying to get from Telecom Italia since November) so I have internet access at home, so maybe I'll be playing online a little more often. Maybe.

Gotta lot of stuff to do now, so more later. And many greetings to everybody I haven't spoken to in ages!

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