Sam (sampiano) wrote,

It's about time I wrote something...

I don't have much time just now, but I thought I should say hello to the lj world, as I have been somewhat subpresent in the last wee while.

So a few news updates:

1. I accepted the position in Birmingham. I'll be starting my new job there on 1st October this year. The job is for 2 or 3 years. I'm dissapointed not to be going to Dresden, but the post-doc position in Birmingham was really good, so I would have been stupid not to accept it.

2. Planning to have a go at Mont Blanc at the beginning of September... wish me luck!

3. Finally found in Trieste somebody to play music with. I met through mutual (Polish) friends a lovely Austrian flautist who was studying in Trieste for one year. She plays very well, making it obvious through her music that she enjoys playing. We've been learning the Prokofiev flute sonata together... awesome piece!!!

4. Work is going pretty well - some good new projects, some old ones finally nearing completion. I have a lot I would like to finish before I leave Trieste... which partially explains my absence from lj for so long :)

5. My house has been invaded by Polish visitors (like usual)... should go back now and see what they are up to!!

Hope all is well with everybody here. Happy summer all.

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