Sam (sampiano) wrote,

Last days...

Well, I have one week left in Trieste.

Then I'm going to Prague for 4 days, then to Birmingham to start my new position there.

The last days in a place after three years are always strange. A lot of things to sort out (for example packing, and figuring out just how I get my piano from Italy to England...), a lot of things I wanted to do while I'm here but didn't manage yet, a lot of hanging out with close friends who I won't see so much after I move, and all the while thinking about what the new place is going to be like, whether I will enjoy it there, how it will compare to here.

Today gotta finish some work. My head is swarming just now with Fermionic Operator Product Expansions and Lograthmic corrections to Field Theory. After that, definitely packing!

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