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Too much teaching. Far too much teaching. Tomorrow is the last day though, then I'm off to London for a wedding. Then I *might* get round to writing something constructive...



Well, for the last few days Laszlo (the one I knew here) was visiting with his new wife. It was great seeing them again, although for all too short a time. Although I might be passing through Poland again in a few weeks so maybe we can meet in Warsaw next!

But today, Anna (an old old friend from Edinburgh) is visiting. Which is cool - I've hardly seen her in years. Unfortunately it turns out I have to be in work these days to meet the new students and begin classes (notes/problems here if anybody is interested!). But I'll still get plenty of time to catch up with Anna. I don't think she'll mind me being in work a little bit.

And because of all these visits, I'm eating far too much pizza.

Crazy traffic jams along strada costiera these last few days. I think everybody is making the most of the last days of summer...

Other than that, not much else to report. Had a nightmare last night where my RG equations jumped out of the page and started strangling me. They do that during the day - it's not fair that they should do it at night as well.

Anyway... better do a little more work before leaving to meet the girl.
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Fruedian slip...

I was just writing some notes when I noticed in place of "Causal Green's function' I had written "Casual Green's function". Although I do like the idea of a casual Green's function, I probably shouldn't be teaching the students about them!

Other note to self: Listening to Salsa music whilst writing a paper is a bad idea. There is a limit on how happy a physics paper should be...

I've lost it completely...

Well, first I woke up in the middle of last night having dreamt that I found a way to calculate the pi component of interaction in chiral nanotubes. And I was too tired to get up and do anything, but couldn't get back to sleep for ages.

Then this morning I was in the bathroom drying myself being really pleased at how dry I managed to get - when I realized I hadn't yet been in the shower.

Then I poured orange juice over my cereal when I was expecting to have milk. Ah well, it didn't taste so bad.

Now, I can't even remember which day it is. Nor which country I'm in (although that is partly the weathers fault...)

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1. What's the point of having a student if she doesn't point out your stupid mistakes...?

2. Can I make it to Dresden around the middle of this month (as in two weeks away)?

3. I had three e-mails in a row yesterday from 3 different Annas. Cellist Anna, Russian Anna, and Polish Anna. It looked amusing in my INBOX. Maybe I'm just easily amused.

4. I have a strong temptation to abseil out of the window from my office (well, it makes a change from using the door which is very boring really). I might wait until a day or two before my contract here finishes before I actually do that though.

5. Happy weekend all.
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This is surprisingly accurate...

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life goes on...

Well, I haven't written much here for a while. Somehow, I thought after all my travelling my first entries should be detailed accounts of my adventures in Africa, which will take some time to write and get the pictures on-line, some time I haven't had yet. So I decided I may as well write little bits of my usual drivle until I have time to do justice to any account of my travels.

So since I've been back in Trieste, I've mostly just been working - I have plenty to catch up on from being away for so long, my students project is due in soon, and I really MUST write up and submit some of the work I've done recently. My problem is I do 95% of a project, then get interested in something new... and somehow finishing anything gets put on standby. Even now, I've got so many new things in my head I want to work out, but I'm resisting the temptation and working hard on writing up the latest installment on fermionic ladders in a magnetic field - something which has basically been overdue since christmas. Let's see if I can get myself into a good work-ethic, where I do some work and then actually write a paper on it.

Aside from work, I've been playing football a bit, and also sleeping a lot - I really needed some time to recover after my crazy travels. I managed to find the new Harry Potter book in English in Trieste which surprised me somewhat - so had read it by the end of the day it came out. I enjoyed the book, although I did find it much more of a prequel to the 7th one than a full story in it's own right which each of the others was. But more on that some other time.

Just now after many hours of work, I'm off to drink with.... a Polish girl. I really should know better by now!!!!

I'm back...

I'm back in Italy, and I'm not going anywhere for a while. I like travel, but sometimes I just need to sleep in my own bed for a few weeks... and I certainly need to show up at work!!!

Anyway, as I arrived back from Poznan at 9.00am this morning after an 18 hour bus ride, I won't write too much dribble just now. But I do plan to update something about my Poland, then Africa, then Poland trips of the last couple of months. And I suppose I really should explain just how I ended up teaching English to 80 Polish kids aged 7-13 in a camp in the middle of nowhere last week....
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