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Sam's Life!

Inside the mind of a Scotsman

13 January 1978
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I'm Sam. I'm a post-doc in theoretical physics - working on condensed matter problems, mostly non-perturbative low-dimensional field theory applied to, for example, carbon nanotubes.

I was in Trieste, Italy for three years, now I'm back in the UK in Birmingham. Before Italy, I lived on Long Island, NY, where I did my PhD. Before that, I studied in Oxford, and I'm originally from Edinburgh, Scotland.

I like to play the piano. I studied as a classical musician for a long time, where my favourite genere was always chamber music, or accompanying - instrumentalists, singers, choirs, whatever. Now, I'm trying to learn jazz, but it still sounds classical when I play it!

Most of my interesting posts, particularly any that mention anybody else are friends locked, mostly out of politeness for the people involved, although I also feel a little funny about little details of my life being completely publically available. If you want to be added, leave a message on one of my public posts and introduce yourself, and I'll probably add you back. If you simply add me without saying anything, I probably won't add you back (although I have no objection to you doing so).